From the north Georgia mountains to the Lowcountry ...

Hiawassee, Georgia. Population around 1000. That’s where Carol Billips, founder and owner of Alex’s, still calls home. “When I go home to the mountains, it gives me energy. That’s God’s country up there.”

Carol grew up in north Georgia as one of 10 children. And it wasn’t until one 4th of July when she left those crystal clear mountain streams of her hometown for the very first time to visit her uncle in Charleston, SC. She recalled being amazed at just how hot and humid it was in the Lowcountry. You can just imagine … July in Charleston. But despite the heat, and like so many others who have visited, she found there was something quite charming and unique about the Lowcountry. “I’d never been anywhere other than the mountains,” she said. “Life’s funny. You just never know where you’re going to end up.”

Luckily for the Lowcountry, Carol ended up here. It was 1972 when the first Alex’s opened in Mt. Pleasant. A few years later, in the mid '70's, the Goose Creek restaurant opened. Since then, there have been locations on Savannah Highway (West Ashley), Rivers Avenue, Dorchester Road and even Moncks Corner. In 1984, Carol remodeled a former liquor store in Summerville. It’s now the Mustard Seed (by the railroad tracks) because In 1998, Alex’s “Flowertown” restaurant moved from that remodeled liquor store building to its current, larger Highway 78 address in Summerville. Goose Creek and Summerville are the only restaurants today. And that’s perfect for Carol who is now able to spend more time focused on her loving family.

The boys, they’ve been my life.” “And the grandchildren, I thoroughly enjoy them.” Not too long ago, Carol moved from Mt. Pleasant to Goose Creek just to be closer to her children and grandchildren. In fact, the diner is named after her son, Alex. It’s no wonder the down-home food and genuine family atmosphere of Alex’s has been its hallmark since the very beginning.

Faith and Family

Such a simple concept but one that most accurately describes Carol’s life and has defined the success of her business for almost 5 decades. She drew upon her values growing up in a loving family in those north Georgia mountains. It's those values that have made Alex's the family friendly restaurant success that it is. "Just treat your customers and employees like family." In fact, some of Alex's employees have been with the company for more than 30 years with their own children and grandchildren now working there.

No wonder Alex's motto is, "At Alex's you are all family."

Strive to do the right thing in all your endeavors and place your faith in God.

“We’ve been blessed with lots of hardworking employees and loyal customers. And I attribute that to the Grace of God. It truly is not me.”

Carol B.